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Al Ghaith Industries was established as part of Al Ghaith Holding PJSC in May 2006 as an umbrella for several industries in the field of chemical and petroleum industries. The 1st project was Pure Vacuum Dried (PVD) Salt Factory started which commercial production in May 2008 with annual capacity of 80,000 metric tons.


To Become a Leader in Various Chemical Industries in the Gulf Region.

Mission Statement

Our Aim is promote Al Ghaith Industries as a brand of superiority in the region by providing our customers with reliable supply through high engineering standards, quality product up to the satisfaction of our customers through careful attention to process, quality control, and the high productivity measures to be able to meet changing customer needs with a competitive price.


Parameters Units Typical Specification Guaranteed Specification
Moisture % 0.05 0.1 Maximum
Calcium % 0.004 0.04 Maximum
Magnesium % 0.004 0.04 Maximum
Sodium Chloride % 99.8 99.6 Maximum
Sulphate % 0.07 0.1 Maximum
Water-insoluble % 0.01 0.05 Maximum
Iron ppm 2.5 5 Maximum
Anticaking Agent ppm 8 10 Maximum
Particle Size micron 85% between 200 to 600 µ 100% less than 2mm 5% Max less than 100 µ

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PVD Salt plant is based on Vacuum Crystallization working with thermo recompression. The production unit consist of sections described as follow:


Raw salt is dissolved in condensate water and converted into saturated brine. This saturated brine is treated with Soda Ash and Caustic Soda to convert Ca and Mg impurities into CaCo3 and Mg(OH)2 which is allowed it to settle down in the clarification stage and the clear brine is passed through sand filters to get rid of any floating impurities.


The purified brine is fed to the vacuum crystallizer where evaporation of water allows concentrating the brine above the saturation point in order to enable precipitation of uniform particle size and growth of salt crystals.


The salt crystal containing magma slurry is first to be fed to the washing unit where the counter current flow of brine ensures the recycling of fine Sulfate present along with salt back to crystallizer via a mother liquor tank. From the washing unit the underflow in form of salt slurry is fed to a centrifuge where the liquor is separated from solid by centrifugal force in a pusher centrifuge. The salt from centrifuge is having moisture content of around 2.5%. Anti caking agent is added with wet salt before the drying stage.

Drying and Cooling

The salt from centrifuge is dried by means of hot air fluidization in a fluidized bed dryer then cooled by using dry air and water circulating inside the embedded exchanger tubes of the cooler. The air is vented through bag filter to avoid salt particles escaping to air.


The dried salt is conveyed by pneumatic conveyer to the storage silos and conveyed to Big Bag Filling Station to pack 1 MT Jumbo bags (FIBC).

Salt Crystal

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